Poster for Catalyst presents: The Wardrobe

Catalyst presents: The Wardrobe

March 9 - 17
Black Box  •   Saturdays and Sundays 2 & 6pm  •  
Not suitable for children under age 12

“That’s what a wardrobe is for – to guard your secrets.”

A 500-year-old wardrobe holds the key to unlocking British history. Inside, teenagers across the centuries seek protection from the War of the Roses, Jack the Ripper, and even each other. The wardrobe is the safest place they know, but is it safe enough?

Originally commissioned for the National Theatre Connections Festival, The Wardrobe is an incisive, one-of-a-kind reminder that young people don’t just learn history– they also live it.

This production includes depictions of antisemitism, racism, child slavery and abuse, sexual violence, and homophobia. It is not suitable for children under age 12.

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