NWCT in the Classroom

Classroom Residencies

Bring learning to life through theater! NWCT Residencies pair a teaching artist with a classroom teacher to create customized content that integrates theater into classroom curriculum. Students are invited to explore history, language, literature, math and science through playmaking, character development, script writing, monologues, and creative dramatics. Residencies can be as small as one classroom or as large as every classroom in the school, and are offered with a minimum of 4 sessions, for up to 35 students per classroom. 
Examples include: creating still images of Beaver habitats, complete with narration; bringing folktales to life; and examining how Congress functions through still and moving images.

Active Audience Workshops 

NWCT Active Audience Workshops enrich the experience of students attending our mainstage matinee performances. During these action-packed workshops, students explore the themes, characters, historical context, and production elements of our shows through dynamic theater exercises. Each show in NWCT’s season has a unique, customized workshop that connects the performance to existing classroom curricula, introduces acting basics, and reviews theater etiquette. Active audience workshops happen at your school, typically one to two weeks prior to your field trip to see the show.
If you are interested in a Classroom Residency or Active Audience Workshop, contact us at 503-222-2190 or outreach@nwcts.org

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