Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

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RUDOLPH: Maxine Nuesa, Taylor Dearinger (swing)
HERMEY, REINDEER: Elena Valdovinos, Taylor Dearinger (swing)
SAM THE SNOWMAN: Eric Zulu, Stella Mackay (understudy)
CLARICE, BIRD: Jayna Cloud, Ingrid O’Boyle Rosenau (swing)
FIREBALL, BUMBLE, DOLL: Quinlyn Black, Ingrid O’Boyle Rosenau (swing)

Creative Team

DIRECTOR: Sarah Jane Hardy
CHOREOGRAPHER: Clara-Liis Hillier
COSTUME DESIGNERS: Nancy Christy & John Ellingson

Production & Support

BACKSTAGE CREW: Beck Weiser, Maggie Graepel, Nicole Smith, Wren Harmon
BUILDERS: Drew Havner, Henry Martin, Max O’Hare, Paul Brown, Roger Monroe, Steve Hambrick
STITCHERS: Claudia LaRue, Emily Smith, Maddy Blackham, Meera Nair, Michelle Wiley, Jean Hardy, Signe Larsen, Tevis Hockenbury

Musical Numbers

A Holly Jolly Christmas: SAM THE SNOWMAN
Jingle, Jingle, Jingle: SANTA, RUDOLPH, DONNER
When Santa Claus Get Your Letter:
We’re a Couple of Misfits:
There’s Always Tomorrow:
We Are Santa’s Elves: ELVES
We’re a Couple of Misfits (Continued): HERMEY, RUDOLPH
Fame and Fortune

Silver and Gold:
The Most Wonderful Day of the Year (The Island of Misfit Toys):
There’s Always Tomorrow (Reprise):
Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree:
A Holly Jolly Christmas (Reprise):
A Merry, Merry Christmas to You: SANTA, RUDOLPH, MISFIT TOYS
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Meet the Cast

Clara-Liis Hillier (Donner, Elf, Spotted Elephant) is thrilled to be a part of another NWCT holiday show! 

Previously, Clara-Liis played the Wicked Witch of the West in the 2016 production of The Wizard of Oz. Besides NWCT, she has worked with Corrib Theatre, Broadway Rose, Theatre Vertigo, Bag&Baggage, and Lakewood Theater. She also teaches dance fitness with Pure Barre. 

Clara-Liis LOVES to bake, especially at the holidays. Her go-to wintertime recipe is hot chocolate peppermint cookies. And she’ll never say no to a good walk through a snowy wood – so long as it’s followed by hot chocolate and movies! 

Dane Shroy (Santa, Cowboy) is grateful to return to the NWCT Mainstage after a few years away from theater. Previously, Dane participated in the Studio program, where he played Claude in Hair and The Wolf in NWCT’s original production of Little Red. Other credits include Portland Center Stage’s Fiddler on the Roof. Dane would like to thank NWCT for welcoming him back to the stage. 

Fun Fact: Dane’s favorite wintertime tradition is getting together with family and decorating a Christmas tree – so long as there’s music and eggnog! 

Elena Valdovinos (Hermey, Reindeer) is super excited to be back on the NWCT Mainstage after her previous role as Squirelle in Elephant & Piggie’s “We Are in a Play!” The co-president of Lincoln High School’s thespian troupe, Elena is currently choreographing and acting in their production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. 

Whenever Elena has a snow day, she breaks out her sled and runs around the neighborhood trying to find thick, cottony fresh snow. “And I always come home to hot chocolate and card games with my family!” she says. 

Fun Fact: Elena loves to bake cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. 

Eric Zulu (Sam the Snowman) can’t wait to showcase the hard work and dedication that went into RUDOLPH! Previously, Eric appeared on the NWCT stage in Sophie MacKay’s Music from the Heart, a concert to support our Big Move to Broadway. 

Rudolph is all about the friends who accept us as we are, which once again makes Eric think of Sophie! 

“She loves the way I make up songs when I get excited, and I also enjoy her cooking!” he says. 

Every year, Eric takes a long holiday road trip from Chicago to Louisiana to see his dad’s family. “He can tell amazing – if untrue – stories, entertaining us for hours!” Eric shares. 

Meanwhile, when school and work get snowed out, Eric’s got the perfect day planned. He recommends playing Skyrim on Playstation, and watching cat videos, of course. 

Ingrid O’Boyle Rosenau (Clarice and Fireball Swing) can’t wait to bring generations together with RUDOLPH! 

A member of Catalyst: NWCT’s Youth Company, Ingrid previously appeared in the springtime jazz rendition of Cinderella

It’s no surprise that Ingrid LOVES music. “My favorite thing ever! I’m never not wearing my headphones.” 

Ingrid’s favorite wintertime treat is either peppermint bark or an oat milk chai. Every year, she looks forward to Christmas Eve dinner with her grandparents and cousins. 

Of all the gifts she’s received, Ingrid’s favorite was an electric guitar for her eighth birthday. “I kept asking and asking my parents over the span of a few months,” she says. “Finally they gave in, and got me one for my birthday, along with lessons.” 

Rock on! Ingrid would like to thank her friend Luke, who always makes her laugh.

Jayna Cloud (Clarice, Elf, Bird) is a familiar face here at The Judy! Just last September, she appeared in SPOTLIGHT: A Family Arts Festival. Other NWCT credits include Puruline in 2023’s Cinderella, Val in Catalyst’s two-week summer intensive of A Chorus Line, and Mrs. Potts in Catalyst’s one-week Beauty and the Beast

RUDOLPH is all about the friends who support you no matter what, and that makes Jayna think of her friend Kaitlin. 

“Kaitlin never fails to cheer me up on bad days, and is always by my side on good ones,” she says. 

Fun Fact: Instead of a fancy Christmas dinner, Jayna likes to eat a big Christmas brunch with every breakfast dish possible. 

Kevin-Michael Moore (Coach Comet, Yukon Cornelius) has performed in over 20 NWCT Mainstage productions! RUDOLPH is his first show back since the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Kevin last appeared as Miss Trunchbull in Matilda (Drammy nomination for Best Actor) and Sharktooth in How I Became a Pirate (Drammy winnter for Best Supporting Actor). Also among his many credits is NWCT’s 2018 holiday show, Peter Pan

“While playing Smee, I was tasked to improvise with the audience,” Kevin-Michael recalls. “Making jokes at the dads’ expense and playing with adorable babies remain some of my favorite memories.” 

Fun Fact: Kevin’s favorite wintertime tradition is pulling the sweater box out of storage. “I love sweaters!”

Kristin Robinson (Mrs. Donner, Boss Elf, Charlie-in-the-Box) is ready for some good old-fashioned holiday fun! 

“As a child, I used to watch Rudolph on TV every holiday,” Kristin shares. “I love the joy it brings to this magical season!” 

Rudolph is Kristin’s fourth production with NWCT. Previously, she appeared as the spirited, fun-loving Piggie in Elephant & Piggie’s “We Are in a Play!” She has especially wonderful memories around another NWCT holiday show, 2019’s Matilda

“It was my introduction to these talented young performers, right here in my city, doing professional and exciting work,” she recalls. 

Kristin received her best gift ever on her 28th birthday. “I was a brand new mommy of a three-month old and was extremely exhausted!” she says. “I asked for five consecutive hours of sleep, so my mom watched my baby and got me a room at the Oregon coast.” 

Maxine Nuesa (Rudolph) is a proud member of Catalyst: NWCT’s Youth Company! Previously, she also appeared in several holiday shows with NWCT’s former traveling troupe, Kids Co! 

“One of my favorite parts of Kids Co was bringing festivity and cheer to places like retirement homes or the Portland Children’s Museum,” she says. “It just goes to show that people of all ages can enjoy some holiday spirit through song and dance!” 

During wintertime, Maxine and her family have a few traditions for New Year’s Eve. 

“My family always wears polka dots for good luck in the coming year,” Maxine shares. “And, when I was a little kid, my friends and I would jump up and down repeatedly, since we were told it would make us taller!” 

Fun Fact: Maxine’s first role at NWCT was actually also a reindeer! When she was seven, she played Prancer in Kids Co’s production of Holiday Academy

Quinlyn Black (Bumble, Baby Rudolph, Elf, Fireball, Doll) has been involved with NWCT since the fourth grade! Past memorable roles include Madame Tatyana in Cinderella, Moonface Martin in Summer Days’ production of Anything Goes, Pinocchio in Shrek JR, and Meg/Gloria in Catalyst’s one-week intensive of Damn Yankees

“My favorite roles are the silliest characters!” Quinlyn shares. 

This is her SIXTH holiday show with NWCT. “Personally, I think winter shows are the best, because they become a part of your very own holiday traditions – and you know all the words to the Christmas songs on the radio!” she says.

Every year, Quinlyn’s grandpa invites all of his grandchildren over to make lefse, a Norwegian potato-pancake that’s been passed down in the family for generations. 

As for snow days? Quinlyn recommends grabbing a sled, a warm winter coat, and heading out to Hamilton Park. 

Signe Larsen (Mrs. Claus, Reindeer, King Moonracer) previously appeared in another NWCT holiday show, the “practically perfect” Mary Poppins

“(Mary) still has a very special place in my heart!” she shares. “And I hope Rudolph brings you laughter and joy!” 

Signe graduated from the Cornish College of the Arts in 2013 with a BFA in Acting. Other memorable roles include Madge in The Game’s Afoot (Bag&Baggage) and Meredith in Bat Boy. Offstage, they’re also a seamstress and fight choreographer! 

During the holiday season, Signe celebrates Yule and attends many different festivals that focus on bringing light and warmth to the darkest time of the year. 

Fun Fact: When it comes to wintertime snacks, Signe’s one serious cookie fan! “Any kind of cookie! Gingerbread, molasses, spice, snickerdoodles, even sugar cookies!” 

Stella Mackay (Sam the Snowman u/s) hopes audiences will get a full day of family, friends, music, laughter, and dancing out of this production! 

Stella trains with Catalyst: NWCT’s Youth Company. She was most recently seen as the Narrator in Miss Electricity. Some of her past favorite roles include Michael in Elf, a Squirelle in Elephant and Piggie, and Orcus in She Kills Monsters. 

Fun Fact: Stella’s favorite wintertime snack is her grammy’s molasses cookies. She would like to thank her friends, family, and all the delightful people who made this show possible!

Taylor Dearinger (Rudolph and Hermey Swing) hopes you get plenty of holiday tunes from RUDOLPH stuck in your head! 

Dancing since the age of three, Taylor now studies musical theater with Catalyst: NWCT’s Youth Program. Her favorite roles to date are Lola in Damn Yankees and Mrs. Wormwood in Matilda

Every winter, Taylor likes to sit by the fire in her Christmas pajamas and watch White Christmas with her family. She would like to thank her friend, Elena Valdovinos. 

“We met through NWCT and quickly discovered our shared love for dance and all-things musical theater!” Taylor shares. “And we don’t mind giving up our summers to rehearse and appear in as many shows as possible. I am so honored to share the role of Hermey with this amazing girl!” 

Meet the Creative Team

Sarah Jane Hardy (Director) loves creating live theater for children because of all the amazing artists she gets to collaborate with, and because  children are such great audiences! As Artistic Director of NWCT, Sarah Jane has directed and choreographed many Mainstage productions including Elephant & Piggie’s
“We Are In a Play!” Matilda, Mary Poppins, Chitra: The Girl Prince and many more. 

“The holidays are a time when many families come together to celebrate the season. Thank you for including us in your plans! With the move to our new home (The Judy) and this delightfully festive and familiar production, we’re hoping to create new traditions for multiple generations of Portland theater-goers.”

Sarah Jane rarely bakes, but every year she makes a batch of giant cinnamon rolls over the holidays. When it’s snowing outside, she likes to take a walk (if it’s not too icy!) and then cozy up and watch British mysteries on TV.

Amy Faulhaber (Music Director) is ecstatic to be back at NWCT! From 2012 to 2019, Amy taught and music directed at NWCT. Highlights include productions with Kids Co, Studio, and Studio JR, “especially when I got to work with (Catalyst Program Manager) Dustin Brown!” she shares. 

Since 2019, Amy has worked as a speech-language pathologist at John Wetten Elementary School. 

Come December, she loves to play Charlie Brown Christmas music on the piano. And as for wintertime treats? “I could eat mashed potatoes and gravy by the gallon,” she says. 

Amy would like to thank her daughter, Nina, for coming to Rudolph rehearsals with her! 

Clara-Liis Hillier (Choreographer) is thrilled to be a part of another NWCT holiday show! 

Previously, Clara-Liis played the Wicked Witch of the West in the 2016 production of The Wizard of Oz. Besides NWCT, she has worked with Corrib Theatre, Broadway Rose, Theatre Vertigo, Bag&Baggage, and Lakewood Theater. She also teaches dance fitness with Pure Barre. 

Clara-Liis LOVES to bake, especially at the holidays. Her go-to wintertime recipe is hot chocolate peppermint cookies. And she’ll never say no to a good walk through a snowy wood – so long as it’s followed by hot chocolate and movies!

John Ellingson (Scenic, Puppet, Properties, and Costume Designer) is Northwest Children’s Theater’s Associate Artistic Director. He’s been designing sets and props for NWCT for the last 8 years.

John’s designs have won multiple awards, including Drammys for he BFG (2013) and James and the Giant Peach (2014). In 2015, he designed the set for NWCT’s Mary Poppins, which won both the Drammy and Portland Area Musical Theater Awards for Outstanding Set Design—the PAMTAs also awarded John’s prop design for the same production.

His proudest design achievements include Matilda the Musical, The Cat in the Hat, James and the Giant Peach, Elephant and Piggie’s: “We Are in a Play!”, and The Little Mermaid.

John studied puppetry in the U.K after being the recipient of the Portland Civic Theater Guild’s Leslie O. Fulton Fellowship which led to creating NWCT’s Starling series, for which he designed and fabricated over 50 original puppets, and took home another Drammy for outstanding puppetry.

Nancy Christy (Costume Designer) has been working at NWCT for 14 years. She is thrilled to be back making costumes for live theater. What could be more fun? She has designed shows for the Mainstage, most recently, How I Became A Pirate. She also collaborates on the design and construction of costumes for NWCT’s Catalyst program.

Nancy loves working at NWCT because she gets to collaborate with so many fun, creative people. 

Paul Brown (Lighting Designer & Master Carpenter) has been with NWCT for more than 20 years! Past holiday show highlights include dancing onstage with his fellow pirates in Peter Pan.  

In the wintertime, Paul enjoys driving around with his family to see the holiday lights and decorations. He also likes to stand outside and listen to the quiet hush of snowfall. 

Paul’s first bike was the best gift he ever received. “Presents didn’t get any bigger or better than that!” he remembers. 

Paul would like to thank his wife. “We make each other laugh every day, and appreciate each other’s weird!” he says. 


Roger Monroe (Stage Manager) can’t wait to bring back the joy of a public holiday show!  “I love the sense of comradery developed from a production with a long run like this one,” he shares. RUDOLPH marks Roger’s 25th year with NWCT. 

Fun Facts: Every year, Roger looks forward to a “first snow” snowball fight. His favorite wintertime treat is eggnog. He also enjoys going outside and listening to the quiet only snow can bring. 

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