Mainstage Audition Tips

Choosing Pieces:

  • Choose pieces that help you feel confident and excited to perform!
  • Choose a monologue from a play, not a monologue book or a movie. Make sure your monologue shows you talking to another character. Avoid accents and props. All audition content must be acceptable for child audiences.
  • Choose pieces that show different sides of your personality—if you’ve got a hilarious monologue, try singing a sweet or sad song.

Preparing Your Music:

  • If you are singing, bring sheet music – clearly marked photocopies in sheet protectors, in a binder. Music must be in the key in which you intend to sing.
  • If you really want to bring a track, we will have speakers and an AUX cord available. Please ensure you bring a backing track. Do not sing along to another singer.

Getting Ready:

  • Your clothes should be nice but comfortable, and show off your personality! Think of what you would wear for school picture day.

At the Audition:

  • Your audition starts the moment you walk into the building! Make sure you listen quietly and respectfully to the other performers in your group, and say hi to the directors with confidence.
  • You can start with either your song or monologue—it’s your choice!
  • It’s okay to be nervous! Take a deep breath, smile, and remember that everyone in the room wants you to do a great job.
  • When it’s your turn, hand your sheet music to the accompanist, and show them where to start and stop playing. Tell them if you’d like to sing or do you monologue first. Walk to the center of the room, say your name and the pieces you’ll be performing. Nod to the accompanist to start your piece. If you didn’t bring sheet music or you’re not singing, start with saying your name!
  • If you make a mistake, don’t worry! Take a deep breath, and either start your piece where you left off, or ask to start over. Mistakes happen, the most important thing is to handle them with maturity and confidence.

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