After School Drama Club


NWCT’s educational outreach programs are custom designed to meet the needs of individual students, educators, and schools. NWCT is an accredited arts organization with Young Audiences/Run for the Arts, and is a proud partner program of the Right-Brain Initiative. Thanks to our generous supporters, special funding may be available for your school; please call 503-222-2190 x128 or email the Educational Outreach Department to inquire.


Drama Club

In our after-school programs, students typically meet once a week after school for an hour where they explore the world of theater. Highly customizable, these programs have included mask work, script writing, improvisation, pantomime and character creation. Each class usually concludes with a small demonstration for family and friends.


These classes follow a variety of models, from partnering with SUN programs, to renting the space and having parents register their student directly through NWCT.

Spring Drama Clubs 2019:



First Stage Program

First Stage is Northwest Children’s Theater and School’s preschool outreach program specially designed for preschoolers ages three to six years old. Held at your child’s preschool or daycare, First Stage promotes a love for the performing arts and nurtures creative energy while supporting a myriad of developmental milestones, including:


Confidence • Self-expression • Critical thinking • Art Appreciation
Cooperation • Social Skills • Imagination • Motor skills


We offer a complimentary First Stage class to any area preschool or daycare that wants to try our First Stage program for free! Just contact us to schedule a visit.

Preschool Players (Ages 3-6)

Children will explore theater through music, movement and storytelling with an emphasis on physical and emotional self-expression. First Stage teachers use role-playing, improvisation and storytelling techniques to act out fairy tales and other stories! If you have specific stories or books you would like to explore, please let us know!

NWCT also offers First Stage theater classes for preschoolers at our theater, located in Northwest Portland.


First Stage Teachers

First Stage teaching artists are hired, screened and trained by Northwest Children’s Theater and School. Many hold advanced degrees and certifications, and are performers themselves. All First Stage teaching artists are cleared through the Oregon Central Background Registry. For more information about First Stage programming, or to learn how to bring First Stage to your child’s preschool or daycare, contact us here.


Classroom Residencies

NWCT partners with schools, specifically classroom teachers, to create customized content that integrates theater into classroom curriculum during school hours. Residencies can be as small as one classroom and as large as every classroom in the school. Students have an opportunity to bring learning to life through theater.


Examples include: creating still images of Beaver habitats, complete with narration; bringing folktales to life; and examining how Congress functions through still and moving images.


In School Playlabs

With a large library of original scripts, NWCT brings a story to life through a script, costumes, sets, props and music. Students learn the work of putting on a play, from memorizing lines, to learning choreography and how to create characters and communicate a story to an audience.


Examples of scripts: Oz!, Get a Clue, Shakespeare, and Alice Upside Down in Wonderland

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