How Do YOU Do? 

How Do YOU Do? (Season 2)

How Do You Do? returns with a fresh new format and this time, it’s all about our community. Host Talon Bigelow shares the spotlight with NWCT friends and families for an original talk show that celebrates creativity of all forms.

New episodes debut every other Wednesday at 3pm on NWCT’s Facebook, and you can catch the full season on YouTube!

How Do You Do? (Season 1)

Associate Artistic Director, actor, maker of puppets, props, and sets, master chef, and all around creative mastermind, John Ellingson entertains us with his expertise on social media.

From make-up tutorials and magic tricks to puppets and pasta, catch all of the episodes on NWCT’s YouTube channel.

Missed an episode? Watch all of the videos on YouTube! 

No Small Acts

No Small Acts is NWCT’s original web-series aimed at sharing the little things that members of the NWCT community are doing to keep the Black Lives Matter movement moving forward outside of protesting, donating, contacting government officials and other larger actions.

Every moment is an opportunity because when the problem is this big, there are No Small Acts.
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Theater Game Thursdays

Outreach Manager, Erik Montague, shares 8 different theater games that your whole quaran-team can play!

From “Props” to “Park Bench” these how-to videos will help your family discover new games to try that are sure to lead to lots of laughs.

View our theater game tutorials any time on YouTube!

Online Camps & Classes

NWCT Online classes and camps are not your average Zoom meeting — our energetic teaching artists engage each student through theater games, imaginative activities, and exercises designed to get kids up on their feet.

NWCT Students and Teachers during an Online class.

Watch these videos to see what our online classes and camps are all about!

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