2020-21 Interns NW: Third & Fourth Year

All Third- and Fourth-Year Intern applicants must have successfully completed the previous years’ requirements. They must also complete the following to be considered:

1) Written application (due July 15, 2020)

2) Interview (A parent or guardian must attend the interview)

Third- and Fourth-Year Information

Third- & Fourth-Year Intern Focus Requirement

All Third- & Fourth-Year Interns must select a specific area of theatre to focus on, for example—directing, teaching, stage management, or costuming. Interns must indicate an area of focus at their interview. At the beginning of the year, each intern talks with the program directors to evaluate their past performance, set goals, and create a plan to pursue their Focus Requirement which will include reading, journaling, and hands-on learning. At the end of Winter Term, each intern is assessed based on their individual progress towards their goal. 

Advanced Training Programs

Interns participate in advanced training focusing on performance and production-related skills. Classes are mandatory. Students may be excused from class for Mainstage or other performance conflicts. All other absences must be discussed with, and approved by, the program directors. A detailed calendar will be made available to interns by the time of their scheduled interview. Classes and tickets to events will be offered throughout the season; details to be announced.

Performance Opportunities

Interns produce an annual Intern Showcase in the spring with opportunities for acting, singing, directing, and tech work. The showcase is student-led, and the form and content varies based on the group’s interest.

Company Events & Season Announcement Party

Interns will be asked to assist with NWCT galas and fundraising events, including the Season Announcement Party. Many Interns have been able to apply these hours towards credit for community service requirements at school.

Technical Requirement

All Third- and Fourth-Year Interns are assigned as “backup crew” and are expected to work backstage during weekends for one Mainstage or two Second Stage production(s) as a stagehand, wardrobe/dresser, or booth technician. Third- and Fourth-Year Interns are not required to miss school in order to complete their technical assignment. Seven to ten days prior to opening, technical and dress rehearsals may run 4 – 5 hours nightly and will include a long Saturday/Sunday commitment.

Interns must indicate at the time of their interview availability for Mainstage and Second Stage productions.

Front of House Requirement

All Third- & Fourth-Year Interns are assigned to work as an Assistant House Manager for a minimum of four performances per season on either Mainstage or Second Stage productions.

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