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Learn Language with Harvest & Dance Your Emotions with Música

Harvest teaches you how to say words from Desvelado in Spanish and English! 

Explore your feelings through music and dance with Música

Build and Decorate a Fort

Building a fort is a great activity for rainy days, weekends, nap times, and storytime … and for watching a play like Desvelado

You can build a fort with items you already have at home. Get as creative as you want! To make it more fun, involve the whole family. Here are some suggested items:

  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Sheets
  • Towels
  • Chairs
  • A table/couch
  • Clothespins
  • Clamps
  • Rubber bands

Steps to create your fort:

  1. Draw a design of your fort design using paper, crayons, markers, paint, or whatever art supplies you’d like. 
  2. Make a list of the materials you’ll need to build your design. 
  3. Rearrange the furniture to make space for the fort.
  4. Get your materials together and put them in one place to have an idea of what you got.
  5. Start building!


  • Use lighter materials for the top (like a sheet) as heavier materials can weigh down the fort.
  • Use clamps, pins, and rubber bands to keep blankets, sheets, or towels in place.
  • Use side tables, chairs, or other furniture to drape sheets and blankets over.
  • Use other heavier items (like books or pillows) to keep the fort in place.
  • Try different designs and build again if you want to improve your fort.

Now that you have your fort built, let’s explore all the different ways we can play with it! In Desvelado, Little One’s world is decorated with all kinds of images! We have collected some of this artwork for you to print out at home, cut out, and decorate your fort! 

If you don’t have a printer at home, you can draw your own pictures and use those to make your fort as magical as you want!

Once you have your images printed (or drawn) and cut out, you can attach them to your fort using a piece of tape. What kind of design are you going to use? Maybe you can decorate the inside of the fort like Little One’s bedroom and the outside like the night sky! Or put stars on the inside ceiling of your fort to feel like you are laying under the stars. Maybe your decorations move around to match what you see on the screen when you’re watching Desvelado

Make the fort your unique, special place. Have fun, and be creative!

Take a picture of your fort and send it to for a chance to be featured on Northwest Children’s Theater’s social media pages!

Create a Starry Night

With a few simple materials, you can make the inside of your fort or room light up like the night sky with twinkling stars! 

Let’s make a Starry Night Flashlight! All you’ll need is a flashlight, some paper or aluminum foil, and something to punch out holes.  

  1. To start, carefully pull your aluminum foil tightly across your flashlight and secure it by pressing around the edges.

You can also use paper (or cupcake liners) and secure it in place using a rubber band.

2. Next, using a pin or needle, start poking holes for the light to shine through (Be careful — it’s sharp! Be sure to have an adult help you with this part.) You can make a pattern with the holes, or create a random design. Try making different sized holes to create stars of all shapes and sizes. Be careful not to poke holes too close to each other, or you may rip your foil.

3. Once you are happy with your design, take your Starry Night Flashlight into your fort (or any dark room) and turn it on. Wow, look at all of those stars!

If you want to try something a little more advanced, you can create different constellation designs by tracing them on to your foil and punching holes where each star is supposed to be. By isolating each constellation using your Starry Night Flashlight, you will start to learn to recognize constellations by their shape. Can you find any constellations in the night sky?

Shadow Puppet Show

Put on your own puppet show using shadow puppets!

In Desvelado, Little One gets scared when their “nightmares” come to life… but really they’re just seeing shadows. We can make our own shadow puppets using just our hands and a flashlight!

It’s best to do this with a helper. One person can hold the flashlight while the other makes a shadow puppet! Don’t forget to take turns so everyone gets a chance to play.

Let’s try to make a few different animals, and then you can try to make up your own shadow puppet. It’s okay if you don’t get all of these right on the first try; keep practicing, and soon you’ll be a pro puppeteer!

First let’s make a flying animal with wings! Birds, bats, and even dinosaurs have wings. To do this, cross both of your thumbs to make the head. To create the wings, you will stretch out all of your fingers. Try keeping them pressed together to make bird wings, or spreading your fingers apart to look like bat wings. Curl your hands closed and open them again to make your wings flap.

Next, let’s try an animal that lives on dry land. Is it a horse? Is it a wolf? You decide! To make this animal head, put your palms together and stick your thumbs up. Spread your thumbs apart slightly to create two ears.

For the top of the head, you can either leave your index fingers flat, or if you want to try to make an eye, curl your index fingers and make a small hole where the light can shine through. Finally, move your pinkies down and up to open and close the mouth.

The last animal we’re going to try is one that lives in the sea! In fact, we’re going to make a character that appears in Desvelado: the turtle (who has no name but is very much loved). To make this animal, use one hand for the head and body, and your other hand for the turtle’s shell. For the head, tuck in your thumb and cross your index and middle fingers. Let your ring finger and pinkie hang down to make the turtle’s front legs. Next, curl your other hand and place it on top to create a shell. Does your shadow puppet turtle have a name?

There are so many other animals you can create using shadow puppets. Play around and see if you can make up a new shadow puppet! Your fort is the perfect place to put on a shadow puppet show. Next time you see a shadow that you think is scary looking, try to imagine it as a shadow puppet instead! That might help it seem less frightening and more silly!

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