Stars and Little One

Activities for After the Show

Put Your Stuffy to Sleep with Little One

Little One demonstrates a bedtime routine for your favorite stuffy!

The Pajama Walk and Hide & Sleep

Sometimes when we’re having a hard time falling asleep, it helps to do an activity that helps us clear our minds. Here are two scavenger hunt ideas your family can do together to get ready for bed!

The Pajama Walk 

As your child is winding down for the night, go out for a short walk in your yard or around the block. Look and listen for the following nighttime items:

  • The moon (or something you can pretend is the moon)
  • Stars (or something you can pretend are stars)
  • A shadow
  • A spider web
  • Crickets chirping or tree frogs trilling
  • Dogs barking
  • Wind in the trees

  • A street sign
  • Something wet
  • Something that shines
  • Something that blinks
  • Something that is fast
  • Something that is slow
  • Something that floats or flutters
  • Something that reflects

Hide & Sleep

Hide all your child’s bedtime items (pajamas, toothbrush, toothpaste, reading book, nighttime stuffy, etc) and have them search for the items. As soon as they find each item, they’ll need to act on it (change into pajamas, brush teeth, put stuffy “to bed”, etc. Before they’re even aware of it, they’ll be ready for bed!

In addition, invite them to find some of the following items. But they must tiptoe and be as quiet as possible:

  • Something shiny like La Luna
  • Something pink like Musica
  • Something you wear on your head like Little One’s nightcap
  • Something warm
  • Something you take with you when you travel
  • Something high
  • Something low
  • Something soft

  • Something you can see through
  • Something you take to bed
  • Something that makes you feel brave
  • Something that glows
  • Something you can twirl like Música’s scarves
  • Something that is the same size as your handprint

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