Minions on the Loose

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Grab your goggles and overalls and join us for a gibberish-filled quest to find a new boss…and BANANAS! Will you choose a new super-villain to follow, or come up with your own plan?

Roald Dahl’s Dirty Beasts

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Explore the mixed-up, madcap world of Roald Dahl as we take on tales of unusual and extraordinary animals. Travel to Paris with a transforming toad, soar through the air with a flying cow, and do your best to avoid being lunch for a lion.

Honk: Family Playlab

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Hans Christian Andersen’s classic duck-out-of-water story is given the musical treatment in this fast-paced family playlab. Parents, grandparents, and children will unite to bring the story of “The Ugly Duckling” to life, complete with singing, dancing, and fantastic parts for all ages!

Tacky the Penguin

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Tacky the Penguin is an odd bird. He’s loud, boisterous, and LOVES to do a good cannonball. Tacky doesn’t quite fit in. However, when trouble rears its head, it’s Tacky’s antics that always save the day. Explore the frozen world of Tacky and friends through crafts, song, and storytelling.

Outlaws of Sherwood Forest

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When Marion ventures into the wild Sherwood Forest, she meets an unlikely crew of merry bandits led by the infamous Robin Hood. She’s soon swept up in the heist to end all heists, as Robin and company seek to defeat the evil Sheriff and restore justice to the kingdom.

Theater on the Edge: Stage Combat

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Back by popular demand! Trained fight choreographers will lead beginning students through the building blocks of stage combat as they learn how to stab, slap, tumble, and kick with control.

Theatrical Makeup

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Master the secrets of stage make-up! Students will learn the foundations of foundation, and cover the techniques required to create incredible characters and illusions onstage.

Musical Theater: Screen to Stage

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Everything is better as a musical! In this skill-builder, students will tackle Broadway musicals that began as major motion pictures. Songs include selections from Mean Girls, SpongeBob, Waitress, Hairspray, and more!


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Welcome to the Game Central Station! Students will play their way through the video-game inspired worlds of Wreck-It Ralph, Minecraft, Super Mario Bros, and more as they solve puzzles, build structures, and level-up. Press Start to Play!

Despicable Minions

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The time has come for henchmen, cronies, and minions everywhere to hit the big city! When their former leader mysteriously vanishes, a stalwart crew of second fiddles sets out to find a new super-villain to serve. Filled with small, yellow bundles of humor and adventure, this playlab is perfect for any child drawn to the […]

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