Dr. Horrible’s Laboratory

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Unleash your inner supervillain and find out if you have what it takes to join the nefarious League of Evil in this devious exploration of the dark side. With the unlimited power of Dr. Horrible’s laboratory at your disposal, who knows what you will create. Evil snowmen? Zombies? Evil snowman zombies? Bring your best evil […]

Acting Essentials

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Learn the fundamentals of acting, from voice projection to character creation to physicality. This class is the perfect stepping stone for students looking to become well-rounded performers. Suggested prerequisite to playlabs.

Jack’s Nightmarish Christmas

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“What’s this? What’s this? There’s something in the air!” This musical treat (or trick) tells the haunting tale of holidays gone wrong. When a magical portal is opened between the lands of Halloween and Christmas, the holiday world is thrown into disarray. It’s up to the Pumpkin King to save both holidays with the help […]

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