2020-21 Youth Season Auditions

For the 2020-21 Season, we will be holding separate auditions for our Second Stage programs and Mainstage productions. 

Adults 18+ wanting to audition for the Mainstage will be able to do so by video submission starting April 1. 

What is Second Stage?
NWCT’s Second Stage programs provide advanced training for dedicated kids and teens who have the desire and drive to strengthen their theater skills. Many Second Stage students go on to perform on the Mainstage! We are holding a combined audition for three Second Stage programs:

  • Kid’s Company (Ages 8-15)
  • Studio JR (Ages 9-12)
  • Studio NW (Ages 12-15)

Second Stage Auditions

June 1-4, Register here!

NWCT casts ages 8+ for Second Stage. The birthday cut off is 9/1/20.

Second Stage Registration:

  • Registration is open now and will remain open until all slots are filled. Spots fill up fast; register ASAP!
  • As part of registration, you will upload a photo of yourself. You do not need to bring a resume and headshot with you to the audition.
  • Following registration, you will receive an email confirming your exact audition time. If you do not receive a confirmation by May 15, 2020, please contact us at studio@nwcts.org.

Second Stage Preparation:

  • Dress appropriately for your audition. Wear comfortable clothes that provide a free range of movement, pull hair back away from your face, and wear closed-toe shoes. If you have jazz shoes, you are welcome to wear them, but they are not required.
  • Bring a water bottle, snack, and book or other quiet activity.

What to expect at your Second Stage audition:

  • You do not need to prepare anything in advance.
  • During the audition, you will learn and perform a portion of a song, learn and perform choreography, and perform a cold reading from a script.
  • You will need to be present for the full 4-hour-long timeslot, but you will not be actively participating the whole time.

After Your Second Stage Audition:

  • NWCT will contact you via the email listed on your registration form. Performers will receive email notification whether or not they have been accepted into a Second Stage program.
  • If you haven’t heard from NWCT by June 15, please contact us at studio@nwcts.org.

Can I audition for Second Stage and the Mainstage?
Yes! We have students who participate in both during the year. You will need to attend both auditions to be considered for both programs. 

Looking for audition tips? Click here!

Curious what shows we are doing next season? Come to our Season Announcement Party and Fundraiser and be among the first to find out!

Mainstage Auditions

May 16-17, Registration opens April 1

NWCT casts ages 10+ for the Mainstage. The birthday cut off is 9/1/20. Students turning 18 during the season are considered youth performers. 

Mainstage Registration:

  • Registration is open online April 1 – May 1. Spots fill up fast; register ASAP!
  • You must submit your headshot and resume at registration. Click here to see an example of a beginning resume.
  • Resumes should be in PDF format and titled: Lastname_Firstname_Resume
  • Headshots should be in JPEG format and titled: Lastname_Firstname_Headshot 
  • At the end of registration, you will schedule your audition. If you are in Studio NW or Studio JR and participating in group auditions, do not select a time during the weekend auditions, but please select the “Group Audition” in the scheduling box. 

Mainstage Preparation:

  • Prepare a child-friendly monologue and song for the audition:
    – One monologue 30-60 seconds long.
    – One song 30-60 seconds long (16-32 bars). Musical theater-style preferred, but sing whatever best shows off your skills! We provide an accompanist, please bring sheet music. 
  • Performers are not required to perform both a song and monologue. However, to be considered for most roles in the Mainstage season, NWCT strongly suggests you give both a song and a monologue your best shot!

What to expect at your Mainstage Audition:

  • Please arrive at least fifteen minutes before your appointment time. Parking will be a challenge, plan accordingly to give yourself extra time.
  • After check-in, you will remain in the waiting area with other the actors in your time slot. When your time arrives, your group will be lined up outside the audition area. Each of you will be led to an “on deck” area one at a time. One actor will be auditioning while another is “on deck.”
  • Each group of auditions lasts about 15 minutes. 

After Your Mainstage Audition:

  • NWCT will contact you via the email listed on your registration form. Performers will receive email notification whether or not there are any callback opportunities for them this season.
  • If you haven’t heard from NWCT by June 5, please contact us at production@nwcts.org.

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