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After School Drama Club

Bring NWCT to your school! This series of after-school workshops allows kids to have fun in a safe, nurturing environment. Students work with an experienced theater educator to learn about character development, work with scripts, play with improv and practice flexing their creative, collaborative and confidence-building muscles! Drama Club ensures that your children receive not only a great education in drama, but a truly uplifting theater experience!

After School Drama Club runs three terms a year, plus two camps! Check back regularly to see if we are offering a club at your school!

Class Terms:

  • Fall term: October - December
  • Winter term: January - March
  • Spring Break Camps: TBA
  • Spring term: April - June
  • Summer Camps: TBA

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Winter Term
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Actor's Toolbox: Devising
This term, Drama Club students will work to create the settings, characters, and story of their own play! Through the use of improv games, theatre exercises, and group collaboration, our experienced Theater Educators will teach devising basics: from creating worlds and settings, to building story structures and character development, all while bringing their own original stories to life!

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