Spring 2015 Classes

Spring 2015 Theater Classes

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Skills Classes

From intro level to advanced, the following classes are
designed to help students hone specific theater skills.

= Beginning • = Intermediate • = Advanced


Introduction to Acting - Ensemble Ages 6-9
This fun format introduces students to basic acting techniques, tips and terminology. This term will be focused on the importance of ensemble: working together on stage and off. Suggested prerequisite to playlab classes.
(A) Mon. 4:00-6:00   3/30-6/1
(B) Tues. 4:00-6:00   3/31-5/26
(C) Sat. 12:00-2:00   4/4-5/30
Demonstration last class $170

Improv: Storytelling Ages 10-14
The basis of all improv is being a good storyteller. Learn the basics of sharing a memory and quick thinking in this fun and spontaneous improv class! Recommended for Second Stage students.
Sat. 2:00-4:00   4/4-5/30
Demonstration last 15 minutes of each class $170

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Musical Theater & Dance

Harmony! Ages 8-14
This choir style class helps students learn proper vocal technique and hold a harmony. Through musical theater, choral, folk, and pop music students will explore their vocal range while having fun! Recommended for Second Stage Students.
Wed. 4:00-5:30   4/1-5/27
Demonstration last class $140

Voice & Dance Combo: From Annie! Ages 7-14
Learn the basics of movement and singing with musical theater’s most famous little red head! Students will learn group choreography as well as solo features.
(A) Mon. 4:00-6:00 Ages 10-14 3/30-6/1
(B) Thurs. 4:00-6:00 Ages 7-10 4/2-5/28
(C) Sat. 2:00-4:00 Ages 7-10 4/4-5/30
Demonstration last class $170

Introduction to Indian Dance Ages 6-9
In this class, students will be given an introduction to 2 styles of Indian dance - Bollywood and Bharatanatyam. Students will learn the hand gestures used in Bharatanatyam and will learn a choreography in Bollywood.
Wed. 4:00-5:00   4/1-5/27

Introduction to Indian Dance Ages 10-14
In this class, students will get an introduction to 2 styles of Indian dance - Bollywood and Bhangra. Students will learn a choreography in each style.
Wed. 5:00-6:00   4/1-5/27

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NWCT 2015-16 Season Auditions: May 15, 16 & 17

Intensive Audition Workshop Ages 8-18
This intensive five-week workshop will prepare students for various types of auditions. Students will compile resumes, learn cold-reading skills, improv techniques, and audition etiquette. Instructors will provide information on varied audition topics. Each student will receive individual coaching to prepare a monologue and a song for auditioning. All sections are on Saturday (4/4-5/9) and last three hours. Intensive Audition Workshop students will have a final demonstration during which they will perform their audition pieces for our Second Stage Directors. Students ages 10 and over will then have the opportunity to audition for the NWCT mainstage season (and re-audition for Second Stage should they choose to) at our Season Auditions on May 15, 16 & 17. Limit 12 per section.
(A) Sat. 10:00-1:00 Ages 12-16 4/4-5/9
(B) Sat. 11:00-2:00 Ages 10-14 4/4-5/9
(C) Sat. 12:00-3:00 Ages 8-12 4/4-5/9
(D) Sat. 1:00-4:00 Ages 10-14 4/4-5/9
(E) Sat. 2:00-5:00 Ages 8-12 4/4-5/9
(F) Sat. 3:00-6:00 Ages 12-18 4/4-5/9
Demonstration last class $200

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Home School & Explore Theater

Choose Your Own Adventure: Ocean Mysteries Ages 6-10
Take a journey to the bottom of the sea and discover the mysterious secret of the mermaids…hidden treasure…a submarine-eating giant squid! The choice is yours in this “choose your own adventure” explore class!
(A) Mon. 10:30-12:30   3/30-6/1
(B) Sat. 4:00-6:00   4/4-5/30
Demonstration last class $170

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First Stage

NWCT offers these exciting theater classes
for our youngest performers.

Barnyard Buddies Ages 3-5
It’s springtime and all the youngest creatures in the barnyard are beginning to peep, waddle and neighhhh! Come play, pretend and sing as we celebrate spring on the farm! This is a perfect beginning class for the tiniest actors.
(A) Tues. 2:00-3:30 Ages 3-5 3/31-5/26
(B) Tues. 3:30-5:00 Ages 3-5 3/31-5/26
(C) Sat. 9:30-11:00 Ages 3-5 4/4-5/30
Demonstration last class $140

Acting ABCs — Let the Sunshine In! Ages 4-6
Start at the beginning in this exciting world of creative drama with puppets, songs, stories, and plenty of play-acting celebrating the return of longer days and plenty of warm sun!
(A) Mon. 4:00-6:00 Ages 4-6 3/30-6/1
(B) Sat. 10:00-12:00 Ages 4-6 4/4-5/30
Demonstration last class $170

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The following classes will end with a playlab performance.
Students will audition, rehearse, and perform.
Everyone gets a part!
Size or nature of roles is at the professional discretion of our instructors.
All roles provide a valuable learning experience.
No refunds granted due to dissatisfaction with assigned roles.

= Beginning • = Intermediate • = Advanced


Hansel & Gretel Ages 6-9
Come on an enchanted journey over the river and through the woods to a delicious candy house…but beware! There happens to be a sassy candy witch lurking about!
(A) Wed. 4:00-6:00 Performance 5/27 4/1-5/27
(B) Sat. 2:00-4:00 Performance 5/30 4/4-5/30

Jurassic Pet Training Ages 7-10
Tired of the same old boring pets? Had your fill of cats and dogs? We have your solution! Adopt a ferociously cuddly dinosaur from the Jurassic Rescue Team! We will send out experts to help train your new pet dino! Fun guaranteed!
(A) Tues. 4:00-6:00 Performance 5/26 3/31-5/26
(B) Sat. 12:00-2:00 Performance 5/30 4/4-5/30

Musical Theater

Shipwrecked at the Coconut Cabana! Ages 7-11
Only the luckiest of castaways will find themselves at the Coconut Cabana! This beautiful island is filled with tropical splendor and spicy, Latin inspired music. Relax and enjoy the thrills of being marooned on the hippest island around!
(A) Mon. 4:00-6:00 Performance 6/1 3/30-6/1
(B) Sat. 10:00-12:00 Performance 5/31 4/4-5/30

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“Throwback” Theater

Each spring we offer a unique retro playlab, also known as a blast from the past!

Return to the Future! Ages 10-14
What happens when a kid from the 80s accidentally gets sent back to the fifties and stops his parents from meeting? How many mad scientists does it take to fix a broken time machine? Join Resident Time Traveler Sam Burns in this rockin’ comedy playlab as we try to wrap our minds around these paradoxical questions!
Sat. 4:00-6:00 Performance 5/31 4/4-5/30

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