NWCT New Works

NWCT's artistic mission to provide live theater experiences for young audiences that are fresh, engaging and relevant includes conceiving, developing and producing two or more original works for the stage each year. The titles below have received widespread regional acclaim and national recognition; please see below for information and availability.

NWCT Scripts

A multiple award-winning steampunk adaptation of Collodi's original 'toy story' follows the journey from metal toy to real boy!
adapted by Milo Mowery
composed by Rodolfo Ortega
Script and score available.
Alice in Wonderland
A jazz odyssey down the rabbit hole with musical themes from jazz's greatest names!
a jazz musical by Ezra Weiss
script by Sarah Jane Hardy
based on the book by Lewis Carroll
Script and score available through Ezra Weiss.
Robin Hood
A comedic non-musical adaptation about the famed anti-hero, and justice Sherwood Forest-style!
adapted by James Moore
Script and score available.
Snow White
From the award-winning creators of NWCT's Pinocchio, an anime-inspired adaptation of the classic fairy tale exploring themes of vanity, self-worth and independence.
adapted by Milo Mowery
composed by Rodolfo Ortega
Script and score available after June 2011. 
El Zorrito: The Legend of the Boy Zorro
A musical adventure story about one boy who heeds the hero's call and unites the town of Capistrano to stand together against a tyrannical mayor. 
story by Milo Mowery and Rodolfo Ortega
music by Rodolfo Ortega
lyrics by Mowery/Ortega
book by Milo Mowery
Script and score available through Dramatic Publishing
Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!
A full-scale interactive musical in Latin big-band style, based on Mo Willem's popular picture book.
adapted by Sarah Jane Hardy and John Ellingson
music and lyrics by Ezra Weiss
Rapunzel Uncut
A hip new take on the girl with the tresses trapped in a tower! This indie rock musical is full of humor and adventures, featuring a hapless prince, evil powers and a twist on the traditional tangled tale.
adapted by James W. Moore
composed by Richard E. Moore
Script and score available after June 2012. 
Hansel and Gretel
A musical adaptation of the tale by The Brothers Grimm, with a sticky-sweet Wagnerian flavor!
Script and score available.
Swiss Family Robinson
A non-musical adaptation of Johann Wyss' famed family of castaways, and a band of female pirates!
Script and score available.

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