Creating a Sensory Friendly Production

Sensory Friendly performances are designed to make live performance more accessible for families with children with autism or other sensitivity to dramatic changes in lights, sound, and atmosphere. They feature comfortable, consistent lighting and sound, and are often accompanied by online social stories, designed to prepare children for the new experiences they will encounter at the theaters (from navigating the lobby to audience applause to exiting the theater). For Goodnight Moon, NWCT has created a pair of sensory friendly or “adapt ve” performances. During these shows the house lights will remain on at a low level for the entire performance, sound and light cues will be reduced or eliminated, and the run-time will be shortened (with intermission taken out altogether). Families will be seated with extra room on either side to create a more open and comfortable experience. NWCT will present two Sensory Friendly runs of Goodnight Moon on February 22nd and March 1st. Both shows are at Noon. To attend please contact our Box Office at 503-222-4480.

Click on the link above to download the Social Story (approximately 8MB PDF)

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