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Rapunzel - Uncut! January 27 - February 19, 2012Download the PDF of this Release Get set for a hip new tale of the girl with the tresses trapped in a tower! With a live youth band, this indie rock musical full of humor and adventure features a hapless lad, evil powers and a twist on the traditional tangled tale. An NWCT World Premiere!When a pair of naive young parents (Peter Schuyler and Whitney Martin) make an unwise bargain with a Crone (Jenny Standish Bunce) they end up losing their newborn daughter Rapunzel (Rebecca Fitzgerald) in the process. Wanting to protect her newly adopted child from the dangers and corruption of the outside world, the Crone raises Rapunzel in a forty foot tower. Here she dreams of the outside world, her only companions are an indie rock band comprised of magic vegetables and a talking lemon tree named Zitrone (John Ellingson). When young suitor and failed pretzel-salesman Werther (Joshua James Hooper) stumbles across her tower, Rapunzel sets out on a rock music-filled journey through desert and forest to discover her true roots.“This is the story of a young girl learning to trust her own instincts and vision of the world,” says director Sarah Jane Hardy. “Rapunzel is independent, expressive and playful, which makes her a perfect fit for the indie rock scene.”The most recent in a long line of original musicals commissioned by Northwest Children’s Theater, Rapunzel~Uncut! is the second NWCT production penned by Playwright, James W. Moore, who wrote last year’s fast-paced comedy adventure Robin Hood. Moore brings the same wit to Rapunzel, while hewing closely to the source material. Rapunzel’s tower, Werther’s unfortunate run-in with a thorn bush and even the catch phrase “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!” all make appearances in this production, albeit with a few modern twists.One of those twists is the production design. “This is rock show,” says Hardy “and we want it to look and feel like a rock show.” To this end, the scenic design (by Carl Hamilton) has been stripped down to a series of metal trusses and two large, industrial, rolling scaffolds. This scaffolding, in concert with digitally projected backdrops (from Designer, Ben Purdy and Illustrator, Caitlin Hamilton), creates the magical tower that is Rapunzel’s home. In addition, the band has been placed front and center, a constant on-stage presence throughout Rapunzel’s adventures.It helped that they were kids. The duty of putting the band together fell to Composer, Richard E. Moore (Playwright James Moore’s brother) who also music directs. “I put out a casting call through Ethos Music Center, the School of Rock and Facebook,” says Moore, “I sorted through demo tapes until I found musicians with the right edge.” Moore’s score is heavily influenced by the early alt-rock songs of the 90s, and he specifically looked for musicians who were having fun with their music. “This is a story about children learning to be independent and empowered,” says Hardy. “It can be life-altering for the children in the audience to see actors and, in this case, musicians, on stage who are their same age; to realize what they are capable of.”A chorus of talking plant-life, and German youths are portrayed by Kallan Dana, Marlowe Dobbe, Peter Elgee, and Theo Buchanan. Stephanie Roessler, who debuted as “The Kid” in last season’s Robin Hood returns as party-music pop singer KeDMha. Rapunzel and company will be decked out in indie rock garb by Costume Designer Shana Targosz, lit by Kristeen Crosser, with props by Roger Monroe and sound design by Rody Ortega.Rapunzel~Uncut! is supported by Presenting Media Sponsor, The Oregonian. NWCT is also grateful for the support of The Collins Foundation, the Regional Arts and Cultural Council/Work for Art, The James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation, The Oregon Arts Commission, The Oregon Cultural Trust, The Oregon Community Foundation, Free Geek, Kink FM and SERA Architects.Rapunzel~Uncut! is Northwest Children’s Theater and School’s official entry in Portland’s Fertile Ground Festival. Over 3,000 students will rock out with the long-locked heroine at eight school matinees.WHEN: January 27 - February 19, 2012, Fri. - 7pm, Sat. & Sun. - 2 & 6pm, Sun. - 2pm WHERE: NW Neighborhood Cultural Center • 1819 NW Everett Street, PortlandTICKETS: 503-222-4480 or NWCTS.ORGAGE RANGE: Most enjoyed by ages 6 and upPRICES: $18-20 adults • $15-18 youth (14 & under)INFO: 503-222-4480 or NWCTS.ORGFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASERelease Date: January 6, 2012Kill Date: February 19, 2012Media Contact: To set up interviews or discuss other possibilities for feature stories, please contact: Marri-Beth Serritella, Sucha Production, Inc. at 503-528-1370 or

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