Second Stage-Blue

Studio NW & Studio JR

Studio NW: Haunted
This advanced training program is designed to give young peformers access to professional artists in an educational performance setting. Through weekly specialized instruction, advanced workshops and performance opportunities members will explore the wide world of performing arts.

Interns NW

Interns NW is a year long advanced training program in theater arts. Selected students gain hands-on experience in a variety of theatrical disciplines while working with NWCT professional staff and guest artists.

Kid’s Company NW

Kids Co NW
As NWCT’s ambassador group to the community, these talented young performers take musical reviews to festivals, events, retirement homes, schools and more.

Second Stage

Second Stage is a series of specially developed programs designed to provide advanced training to students with the experience, talent and desire to continue professional instruction in the performing arts. Through Kid’s Company NW, Studio NW, Studio JR, and Interns NW, selected students develop their craft working with top theater professionals through a combination of advanced classes, workshops and performance opportunities.
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